Curious Children: What Are A Few Of The Challenges To Mars Traveling?

Curious Children: What Are A Few Of The Challenges To Mars Traveling?

Hello Lynlee. You are not the only one wondering exactly what a visit to Mars could be like. Elon Musk, a US businessman that has a company named SpaceX, stated that his spaceship will be prepared for brief excursions to the red planet by 2019.

I have worked as a working scientist using NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Project for the last 16 Decades. If you were able to get a ticket to Mars on a spaceship, here is how I would counsel you to prepare.

The Trip To Mars

You may be travelling along with other astronauts at a journey which can take between seven and 12 months, packed in a tight area. That means you will want to stretch and likely find a way to get a part of this spacecraft spinning to make artificial gravity.

Possessing no gravity for quite a while can result in a great deal of debilitating health problems for astronauts.

Then there is the potent cosmic radiation which comes largely from our Sun. It may damage electronics on board and make health problems for your team. You and the team might need to fix these issues by yourself.

You need to understand every detail of this spacecraft inside outside and draw your comprehensive astronaut training to repair problems using just what you brought with you.

You might need to 3D print spare parts out of materials such as titanium (using technology invented by Australia’s federal science agency CSIRO).

Communication is going to not be easy. Anticipate any material that you send to Earth to take 20 minutes to achieve its destination. Video conferencing won’t be possible.

Social networking remains available, however tweets or Facebook articles will require 20 minutes to look and answers from Earth will require around 40 minutes to get there.

Life On Mars

Should you make it to Mars, then the real battle starts. Gravity on Mars is a portion of what it’s on Earth so that which will look really mild. Something which weighed 100kg on Earth would weigh only 38kg on Mars.

You’ll have to dwell in Mars’ punishing atmosphere. It is mostly pretty chilly.

The air isn’t breathable: it’s just 1% the depth of our air, mostly made from carbon dioxide, argon, and nitrogen with just a little quantity of oxygen.

The very fascinating question, in my estimation, is that the Martian afternoon (also called sol). It’s around 40 minutes more than a day on Earth.

I came at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory daily at 8am (on Martian period). It was like using a summertime daylight savings each and every moment.

Growing plants on Mars isn’t going to be simple. The dirt is actually salty and acidic. It’s still unclear when we should bring germs to Mars to help plants grow (since they do on Earth).

Ultimately, I’d say any error in flight or through the quest could kill or hurt you.

Why on Earth can you take part in this type of dangerous, life threatening endeavour. I guess the answer lies in what’s made people research throughout the decades. We’re constantly seeking the next frontier.